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Duration - 2 hours

Price - €17 per person

Biggest museum preserve of Odessa catacombs. More 2 kilometers of underground labyrinth with many installations, which represent different parts of catacombs history: soviet military bunker, abandoned mines, WW2 resistance base.



Duration - 2.5 hours

Price - €23 per person

Exciting walk through the non-tourist part of catacombs. More than 5 kilometers of dark labyrinth, where all the city legends, stories and rumours become true. You will see sunken tunnels, abandoned miltary refuges, losted communications, karst caves and much more.



Duration - 1 hour

Price - €10 per person

One kilometer of underground museum represent the reconstructed resistance base of WW2. The museum located outside the city and was the most popular during USSR, due to the story of these glorious people, who lived here and fought against the enemy.



Duration - 2.5 hours

Price - €20 per person

Regular mine tunnels, lying in a darkness, we calling - wild catacombs, which are not adapted for a tourists. Despite that you can walk here quite comfortable and this is good opportunity to look into real Odessa catacombs, but not in extreme style.

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About Odessa Catacombs

Probably any tourist who making trip to Odessa, heard about Ukraine catacombs. The fact is that under the city lies the largest underground labyrinth in the world! More than 2600 thousand kilometers of tunnels in total darkness, can strike every imagination. Odessa catacombs is a part of a city history, that is why there are many stories, legends and other city rumors.

The catacombs below Odessa appeared in a 19 century. It was a time when the young city developed very fast and constantly needed in a building materials. For a construction buildings people used local limestone, lied under earth. Stone mining was so huge, that under Odessa city appeared whole underground maze of a mines tunnels.

Odessa catacombs located in a layer of limestone, or as locals saying - shell rock. Millions years ago the south of modern Ukraine was a sea bottom, where under the water press, formed shell rock layer. Afterwards the sea brock up on two smaller seas - Black and Caspian. Every layer of sea bottom, you can see today on the walls of Odessa catacombs.

Catacombs in Odessa is interesting place not only because of their size. Playing the words - catacombs never were empty. Even when the stone mining stopped, people started to use underground tunnels for their needs. It was especially common during 19 century, when Odessa waged active sea trade with different countries. Due to this, local smugglers used catacombs as a perfect place for hiding goods. Even today researchers find not a simple tunnels, but ones on purpose reconstructed and used as a smuggling storages.

Welcome to the catacombs of Odessa!

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